2018 Eastside Award for Employer of the Year

Entry Criteria

This award is open to organisations that can demonstrate their commitment to and the provision of a positive working environment especially in some or all of the following areas:

Can demonstrate a commitment to employee engagement through
•    Communication Policies and Practices
•    Involvement in the business and business improvement 
•    Involvement in the community

Can demonstrate a commitment employee development and opportunities for growth
•    Training and Development Policies
•    Performance management and employee development planning
•    Further Education and Professional Qualifications
•    Promotion from Within
•    Special Assignments or Projects  

Can demonstrate a commitment to employee health & wellbeing
•    Health & Wellbeing Policies
•    Health checks
•    Employee Wellbeing initiatives
•    Provision of health-related considerations in 
o    The physical environment
o    Provision of catering
o    Provision of sports and fitness resources

Can provide examples of how their employee initiatives align with the strategic direction of the organisation  



Finalists have now been released! Click Here to view the shortlist. Winners will be announced at the Eastside awards ceremony  on 25th january 2018 at the Stormont Belfast. Book your tickets here.