Eastside Award for Contribution to the Arts

Entries were invited from individuals or groups involved in the promotion and provision of the Arts in the East Belfast area that contribute to greater involvement in Arts related activities and/or the pursuit of excellence in the Arts.

We are grateful to Solv Group for sponsoring this award.

The finalists for the Eastside Award for Contribution to the Arts were:

  • ArtisAnn
  • EastSide Arts
  • Seedhead Arts
EastSide Arts

The judges felt that EastSide Arts demonstrated a deep reach in to both the local community and the local arts sector.  They showed that they make effective use of the arts to make an impact on wider societal issues such as ageing diversity, isolation, health and wellbeing.  EastSide Arts provide and impressive, innovative and interesting annual programme, making the East a better place to live, work and visit.